Ancient Secrets Facial Serum

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1 oz./28 grams 96% Organic!

This rich, luxurious serum is ideal for dry skin with signs of photo aging. The amazing botanical qualities of nourishing seed oils and essential oils will restore your skins natural elasticity and softness. Pure essential oils such as Qing Pi and Ru Xiang have been used for thousands of years to help stimulate the flow of Qi and Blood, thus allowing for skin repair and regeneration.


Ideally, apply sparingly to face and neck at night after utilizing the White Tea Daily Exfoliation and the Four Flowers Facial Toner.

Ingredients: Vegetable based oil blend: organic olive oil, organic coconut, neem seed oil, borage seed, black currant seed oil, natural vitamin # (T-50); Pure Essential Oils of:green mandarin (qing pi), nutmeg, frankincense (ru xiang), litsea, amyris, rosewood, niaouli, clary sage, vetiver, spikenard.

*Certified Organic Ingredients




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