NCCAOM PDA (CEU) Classes for Acupuncturists

Classes that are truly enlightening in an interactive learning atmosphere. Our burgeoning acupuncture-ceu-class.jpgherb farm with the renovated barn is the ideal setting for these educational PDA continuing education classes. Our farm is located on the Swan Creek Wine Trail in the Yadkin Valley, and there are many fun activities all around us. Instructor; Catherine Browne, L.Ac. Dipl.Ac. NCCAOM provider # 728 - Bio Linked Here. There are also lots of organically grown Chinese medicinal herbs for sale when you get here.

Cost: $100 

Western Herbal Medicine for the Acupuncturist - TBA
This 5 hour course is designed to give the acupuncture practitioner an overview of the most common Western herbs that he/she may encounter in the acupuncture clinic and prepare the practitioner to competently guide patients in the use of Western herbs. Energetic qualities and Chinese medical theory will be applied. 5 NCCAOM PDA Points Approved NCALB approved 5 CEU's- Limited to 12 participants

red-sage-and-calendula.jpgClinical Use of Therapeutic Essential Oils TBA
This 5 hour course is designed to give the acupuncture practitioner an overview of specific therapeutic applications of essential oils can be of use in clinic. Energetic qualities and Chinese medical theory will be applied. NCALB approved 5 CEU's-5 NCCAOM PDA Points Approved - Limited to 12 participants​

​Growing Chinese Medicinal Herbs - TBA
This 5 hour course is designed to give the acupuncture practitioner an introduction to growing medicinal herbs in the Southeast. Many Chinese herbs can be grown successfully in our region. We are committed to lessening our dependence on inferior and tainted medicinal herbs from overseas, and would like to help empower you in learning how to grow medicine for your practice. 5 NCCAOM PDA Points Approved-NCALB approved 5 CEU's - Limited to 12 participants 

Class Reviews:
"Catherine is a wealth of knowledge of both western and Chinese herbal medicine. It is great to have a teacher that can distill all this information and make it manageable, understandable, and useful for daily practice. Loved it! Would love to take more of her classes." Hope Peak, LAc Charlotte, NC

"Great Class! I loved how hands-on the class was. Being able to go out in the garden and see the plants up close made it much more interesting and easier to remember the properties of the plants." Anne Bailey, LAc Raliegh, NC

"Very informative! Instructor is clear and easy to understand; she obviously has had years of experience. The setting is ideal with many examples available. There was so much good information covered; I don't believe any more could have been absorbed in one day." Patricia Clark, LAc Arden, NC

"Really made me re-inspired and more intrigued to deepen my essential oils use and interest." Deann Bishop, LAc Trouville, VA

"A very nice class that had a strong experiential aspect to it...presented with great knowledge of the (essential) oils." Philip Ramsey, LAc Asheville, NC

"Catherine is very knowledgeable and entertaining, and the farm is a fun setting for the class." Todd George, LAc Charlotte, NC

"Loved the experiential nature of the class, the area, and artistic attitude toward learning." Rayna Qiu, LAc Raleigh, NC

Refund Policy
We will refund the class up to 2 weeks before the class date with a 20% ($20) cancellation flower-garden-at-fence.jpgfee.

The refund will be issued within 10 days of an email request.

​What is PDA?
PDA stands for “Professional Development Activity”.
PDA is the NCCAOM’s (National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) name for continuing education activities(CEU's) that Acupuncture Diplomates must complete to satisfy their recertification requirements. One PDA Point equals one hour of education. Most State Licensure Commisions also accept NCCAOM PDA's as CEU requirements for licensure for acupuncturists.

North Carolina Continuing Education Requirements:
To renew your license in NC you will need 40 hours of Continuing Education every two years. Courses should either be pre-approved by the NCALB or be approved by one of the listed organizations in the rules and regulations. Twenty-five (25) hours must be obtained from foramlly organized courses which have content relating to the scope of "practice of acupuncture". The remaining 15 hours may be earned through courses which have content relating to any health service and are relevance to the practice of acupuncture.​