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Herbalist Internship

2017 Internships Now Closed-2018 Dates Will Be Posted in October

Free Work-Study Herbal Internship at Swan Creek Farmmedicinal herb class

This is an incredibly exciting year to be an herbal intern at Swan Creek Farm! After a three year break while completing her doctorate program, Dr. Catherine Browne, DAOM, RH (AHG), L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. will be working to re-establishing herb beds at the farm, beginning a retreat center for cancer survivors, making lots of new herbal remedies, and building a greenhouse. You will benefit from interning under Dr. Browne who will share knowledge acquired over a 34 year time span as a professional herbalist.

Dr. Browne's Full Bio

We offer an advanced practical herbal internship for those studying to become a professional herbalist. This is a work-study program and exposes students to all aspects of herbalism and hundreds of specific herbal substances and pure essential oils. While book study is important, there is no substitute for direct interaction with herbs while studying herbalism; however, there are few opportunities for herbal student to touch, smell, and grow herbs and we are in the position to offer this type of exposure. We will not be re-establishing herb beds and working in the greenhouse until the beginning of 2018 if your interest is growing herbs.

We are a mentor for students working to acquire hours in an effort to qualify for the American Herbalist Guild's professional herbalist certificate. This internship is not intended for beginner herbalists; you should have some type of training or certificate before entering the advanced internship. Dr. Browne also accepts doctoral students from Five Branches University and provides clinical-preceptor hours for acupuncture students. 

Practical Herbalism Certificate Program

You must complete four levels of the internship to receive a certificate and attend four week-long internships within a twelve month period in order to receive a certificate. You must register for each internship online individually. Registration fee is $35. There is no refund for the registration fee, but you can transfer it one time if ten days notice is given by email.You will need to register individually for each week you would like to attend and pay the registration fee for each week individually. This is a working internship. You are required to have email and a tablet or laptop computer for this program. 

Practical Herbalism Winter 2017 Schedule will be posted in October 2017

Important Note: Students must attend the full week and cannot come for a day or two here and there as you will likely be part of a cohort. We ask that you only register for the first week. It is important that you attend one week to see if this internship is a good fit for you before signing up for multiple weeks. Students must be able to traverse rough terrain, be in good health, and have full mobility.

No Camping-No pets-No Children

You will be emailed a confirmation and further instructions within 5 days of receiving both the registration fee and application linked above.

Those flying in will want to use Charlotte or Greensboro airport. We will send a list of hotels and help to arrange shared accommodations for those interested.

Clinical Herbal Internship

Those applying for the clinical internship must have attended one Practical Herbalism internship before being considered; however completion of the practical internship does not insure placement. During this internship you will be assisting with the care of cancer survivors during our week long retreat. Registration fee is $35. There is no refund for the registration fee, but you can transfer it one time if ten days notice is given by email. You are required to have email and a tablet or laptop computer for this program. Certificates are only awarded after four week long clinical internships, but Dr. Browne can sign-off on your required hours weekly.

Cancer Recovery Retreat and Clinic Schedule located here!

Massage Clinic Internship/Volunteers

Those seeking clinical hours for massage school are exempt from the pre-requisite of attending Level I practical herbalism. Students will gain required clinic hours while caring for patients rebounding from cancer. Certified massage therapists are accepted as volunteers also. No registration fee. Contact Dr. Browne directly at functionacupuncture @gmail.com

Practical Herbal Internship Details:

You will be exposed to many aspects of herbalism likely including:

volunteers-organic herb farm

Herbal Interns participate in groups of 3-4 who complete challenges throughout the week related to an herb business and growing herbs such as:

  • Making batches of herbal remedies from scratch with related Standard Operating Procedure and breaking down the formula ingredients individually describing the reasoning for their use in the formula.
  • Developing a detailed written description of the qualities, uses, and growing techniques of individual herbs to be posted on the website.
  • Making a 1-2 minute video as a group to post to social media about a specific herb.
  • Making a 1-2 minute video detailing how to make a specific remedy or food therapy to post to social media.
  • Various gardening and growing projects

Note: Social media posts by individual participants is prohibited and phones will be left in the car. We must protect the privacy of participants and patients. You must play well with others; disruptive students will be asked to leave without notice.




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