We are a new wedding venue still under construction 

Because of Covid-related cancellations and postponements, most wedding venues are generally booked for 2021 and part of 2022. Typically, the deposit and half of the cost of the venue would be collected to book a date for your wedding. However, we will not be ready for events until 2022. Many feel that they need to reserve their perfect date now so that they can make further plans. If you want to save the date we are accepting a minimal sight-unseen $100 hold the date fee through the beginning of September of 2021. Our facility will be ready to tour in September-October 2021 when you can make a final decision . Go to Google Maps to get a panoramic view of our location to give you a better feel for the setting. Go to our Payments page to save your date now!

Daytime Brunch or Lunch Wedding Dates

There are huge benefits to daytime weddings to consider when choosing a date and package. There is, of course, a cost saving; but moreover, you are not expected to serve alcohol at a daytime wedding. Young couples are becoming more thoughtful of their loved ones when making this consideration.

  1. It's difficult to find a family or social group of 100 that doesn't have multiple individuals struggling with addiction; placing these folks at a party serving alcohol can be painfully difficult for them.

  2. You avoid the liability and risks related to serving alcohol at a gathering; there is no bigger buzz-kill than a loved one being injured due to an alcohol-related incident on your wedding day.

  3. You love your relatives, but families tend to have diverse beliefs; alcohol lowers inhibition and your distant uncle may start to share his political or social views rather loudly, thus making other guests very uncomfortable.

  4. Again, the cost for the alcohol, serving, and shuttles can make up a huge portion of your budget.

Guests who would like to continue the celebration with adult beverages can meet up after brunch at one of the many beautiful wineries that are a short distance from our farm.

Additionally, you will take stress off of your guests as they do not have to rent a hotel room or Airbnb. We are about one hour from 5 major cities in North Carolina making this ideal daytime wedding venue. Only those traveling from out-of-state will have to find lodging. The wedding couple is also freed-up to depart the wedding reception and head straight for the aiport and begin to enjoy their well-earned honeymoon.


By freeing up your budget, there are many fun ways to jazz-up your brunch wedding:

  • Set up a self-serve waffle station with a plethora of different toppings

  • Add a coffee-tea bar with tasty syrups and natural sweeteners

  • Make a self-blending fruit and veggie bar for healthy smoothies and shakes

Expectations from wedding guests are changing with-the-times giving engaged couples a much wider latitude in planning their version of a perfect wedding. Couples can feel less wedding-related stress by unbinding themselves from outworn wedding traditions.

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