Brunch Wedding

June through September

Saturday or Sunday

7:30 AM-1:30 PM Cost $2,800


7:30 AM-1:30 PM Cost $1,800

Luncheon Wedding

Saturday or Sunday

9 AM-3 PM Cost $3,200


9 AM-3 PM Cost $2,200


  • Garden w/ 100 chairs

  • Greenhouse w/ farmhouse Tables-100 Chairs

  • Indoor Barn for Food/Dancing

  • Dressing Room Suite

  • Parking Attendant

  • Trash Removal

Rehearsal Options

  1. You can have your rehearsal on the day of the wedding (the new normal)

  2. You can have your rehearsal on a weekday the week before your wedding

  3. You can rent the venue for both Friday & Saturday for a traditional rehearsal luncheon

Cottagecore weddings are typically simpler celebrations lending themselves to a joyful and stress-free event for the couple and guests. You can replace former popular attributes with the following:

  • Covered Dishes or Food Truck vs. Catering

  • Smaller Cake w/ Cupcakes vs. Tiered Wedding Cake

  • Wildflower Bouquets and Vases vs. Florist Arrangements

  • Lightweight Cottagecore Wedding Dress vs. Elaborate Gown

  • Simple Vest & Dress-shirt vs. Tailored Suit

  • Mocktails & Coffee Bars vs. Cocktails

  • Music Playlist w/ Wifi Devises or DJ vs. Band

Must-Have's Still Include:​

  • Wedding Coordinator

  • Photographer-Videographer

  • Officiant

Following the pandemic, couples simply want to celebrate their nuptials surrounded by loved ones. Large, elaborate weddings are being replaced by smaller, simpler, cottagecore weddings. The trending move to smaller ceremonies reflects our yearning for meaningful and intimate interactions rather than stressful mega-weddings. Authentic countryside settings are the new "fairy tale" wedding replacing flamboyant ceremonial sites with all the bells and whistles. Swan Creek Farm offers all of the simple charms and attributes that you are seeking for a warm and memorable experience.

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